US Veterans Program Here at AAC

For all of you who follow our ‘blog’, you may have already noticed that updates have been slim. We’ve been working away on a fundraising project for our disabled US Veterans who want to use our services. So a fundraising committee of volunteers was appointed by Captain Steve and Wanda Hair.

This committee spawned the “LAST LEG RALLY”. A motorcycle rally and charity ride that will take place the weekend before ‘Daytona Bike Week’ (February 19th – February 21st, 2010). We are less than 3 weeks away from this event and things are getting really busy around here. 

Meanwhile, if the weather would cooperate, we have just about an even dozen waiting to get out and do some fishing. We’ve been waiting for this extreme cold (well…cold for us) to finally break and the fish to go into a feeding frenzy. Drum season starts soon and since last year’s drum catch was so fantastic, many of our people want to get in on that action. Don’t let the cooler temps keep you from getting in your application. 

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